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Merino Wool
Hoodies, Tops
& Leggings


Play hard &
keep warm!

Woolies for the ups, the downs and the upside downs. For adventurous kids and adults, that like to play hard, explore, wonder and keep warm!

Hill Road Merino is about mountains, adventures and the journey of life. With ups, downs, twists, turns, surprises, risks, learnings, and hard work. To get up there, it’s all about the trails we choose to take and often, the baggage we carry. And that includes clothing. One compact piece that does it all, not twenty million layers that you put on & off over time as you go up or down.

Practical &

Handmade locally in Nederland, Colorado from New Zealand merino wool.

First ideas for Hill Road Merino came from the need to dress kids warmly in ever-changing New Zealand weather.  It was too expensive to purchase new merino clothes or fabric, so we started making clothes from upcycled adult merino jerseys. Some old jerseys had holes, and we mixed and matched what we had to create modern and funky styles…


for Kids


"Hill Road Merino is about encouraging lifelong adventures and play in the outdoors, powered by sustainably-made merino wool apparel."

— Fanny Toorenburg, Hill Road Merino Founder

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